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the creative choice

Window Mannequins the creative choice

Window Mannequins the creative choice

Window Mannequins the creative choice
CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY - WINDOW FRANCE has a philosophy of CHOICE. Where other mannequin manufacturers have collections made up of few positions, WINDOW FRANCE chooses to give a very wide choice of positions. This not only ensures that your displays are more original but allows you a wider range to express your creativity. WINDOW FRANCE has more posi t ions available to its clients than any other mannequin company in the world.

THE REAL THING - To elaborate both its own and bespoke collections WINDOW FRANCE works with model agencies all over the world to find the right physique and body language for the targeted publ ic or your brand’s identity. Working with real live models to create mannequins that have real character and impact. Followed by photo shoots to expolre beyond the obvious to ensure the element of surprise and the originality of the mannequins.

Fashion and France are intimately linked. Creation and innovation in the fashion world are part of France’s very soul and heritage. France has its very own individual vision of beauty and esthetics that has conquered people’s hearts the world over. It has been named by some as ‘the French touch’. It is in the same manner as their fellow couturiers and with upmost respect for its country’s rich heritage that WINDOW France works with the same passion and inherent sense of esthetics to produce some of the world’s most beautiful mannequins.

CREATIVE TEAM - A team of designers, photographers, sculptors, technicians, 3D graphists, coutur iers, hai rdressers, dressers and stylists awaits you to turn your ideas into real i ty in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

A STATE OF THE ART PHOTOTYPING FACILTY - A unique special ly adapted space wi th photographic studios, 3D scanning methods, 3D printing and etching facilities, sculpting ateliers as well as metal, wood and fibre glass workshops, enables us to cater for the prototyping of all your needs in a minimum amount of time, whether it be mannequins or decoration pieces for your displays.

UNIQUE 3D SCANNING FACILITY - WINDOW FRANCE has a 3D facility that is unique in the Mannequin industry. 3D technology is only one stage of the design chain, but it is key element that brings a higher degree of creat ive research and speed in product development . The final mannequin is the product of a entire team of professionals working in harmony:

ART DIRECTORS - research and creative direction
CASTING DIRECTOR - international casting for the ideal model
FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER - fashion shoot for position research
3D TECHNICIENS - 3D scanning process
3D SCULPTORS - 3D sculpture and sublimation
PRODUCTION TECHNICIANS - technical adaption process
CONTEMPORARY CLAY SCULPTORS - artistic enhancement
PLASTICIANS - production transformation and adjustments

all of which are part of the team at the creative heart of WINDOW FRANCE.