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the ideologic choice

Window Mannequins the ideologic choice

Window Mannequins the ideologic choice


WINDOW FRANCE AND THE PLANET - Today, intelligent industrial product ion should go hand in hand with our environment. WINDOW FRANCE is in continuous research for production solutions using more planet friendly materials. WINDOW FRANCE after a considerable investment in time and money has just launched what can be considered as the wor ld's most 'ecological mannequin' to date. WINDOW FRANCE shares the concerns of many major brands that also have a policy to be actively taking steps to applying ecological solutions.
WINDOW FRANCE has made it its own responsibility to be actively progressive in the following fields: CLIMATE CHANGE, reducing the carbon footprint associated with i ts products. WASTE, reducing waste and avoiding waste to landfill solutions. SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALS, introduction of natural and renewable raw materials into production.

SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY Modern manufactur ing of mannequins is carried out in factor ies in lesser developed countries, where standards and social values are not always the same as in the more developed countries. WINDOW FRANCE is very active in assuring higher standards of working conditions and pay. The factories have been subject to assessments audits and awarded ratings of conformity by independent auditing bodies. WINDOW FRANCE's clients can therefore be assured that their moral and social values are not betrayed when buying a WINDOW France product.

SEDEX - WINDOW FRANCE is a member of SEDEX (Suppl ier Ethical Data Exchange), a nonprofit organization engaged in the continuous improvement of ethical actions made by supply chains. All of WINDOW FRANCE's factories and offices are audited on an ongoing basis to assure the compliance with ideological and ethical standards.

ISO 9001
Our production sites are certified Quality Management System ISO 9001. Since we have been in business for so long, we have invested in the most talented staff to produce quality products.

What is REACH ?
WINDOW FRANCE makes frequent compliance test reports about SVHC (Substances of very high concern) identified by the European of chemical agency (ECHA).