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the french touch

Window Mannequins the french touch

Fashion and France are intimately linked. Creation and innovation in the fashion world are part of France’s very soul and heritage. France has its very own individual vision of beauty and esthetics that has conquered people’s hearts the world over. It has been named by some as ‘the French touch’. It is in the same manner as their fellow couturiers and with upmost respect for its country’s rich heritage that WINDOW FRANCE works with the same passion and inherent sense of esthetics to produce some of the world’s most beautiful mannequins.

WINDOW FRANCE is proud of its products being ‘designed in France’. As this is indeed intended as a guarantee of both quality and creativity. All window mannequins products are studied to the smallest detail, to produce works of art that are full of elegance and emotion, whether it be in traditional or audacious attitudes. This attention to detail is one of the qualities that has made WINDOW FRANCE a world leader in the mannequin field, always working with the flair and creativity you would expect from a country with such a rich past in the fashion industry.

THE FRENCH TOUCH is about ELEGANCE and PERSONALITY. Producing beautiful creations that are powerful communicators, portraying attitudes that the public can relate to. Its about fluid and harmonious lines that come from an indepth study on the humain anatomy to respect the natural beauty and equilibrium of the humain body. An attention to detail in the finishing stages that takes just as much time as the initial sculpt ing process. A whole succession of stages that for WINDOW FRANCE makes the difference between a simple ‘SHOP DUMMY’ and a modern sculpture that conveys emotion.
Window Mannequins the french touch