160. CITIZENS female

Collection 160. CITIZENS female

THE UNITED IMAGE OF MIXITY !. With the actors of modern society becoming more engaged about their individual identities and roots, it is more and more essential for brands to mirror that growing desire for representation. The Citizens collection is a direct reply to this demand, a culturally sensitive mix of modern city dewellers of multiple ethnicity. Citizens is our latest socially minded collection, a culturally sensitive mix of city dwellers of multiple ethnicity and slim bodies.

The collection has been designed for both casual and dresswear with the female models having both flat and high heel feet. The collection radiates a modern fashion attitude.

Citizens is made up of 19 female positions and 12 male positions and a wide range of heads with different faces and hair - styles. The collection has the advantage of having a new magnetic removable head system to be able to mix and match positions with the ethnic heads of your choice. A wide range of heads is available, and each head with different hairstyles.